The Birmingham law firm of Fischer, Goldasich & Aughtman, LLC serves a clientele throughout the state of Alabama and the nation.  Founded by three preeminent Alabama injury lawyers, Erby Fischer,Dennis Goldasich and Jay Aughtman, the law firm’s practice is intentionally limited to trial matters, particularly those involving Alabama business disputes and Alabama injury law.

Dedicated Solely to Helping Injured Victims and Their Families in the Courtroom

The Alabama injury lawyers working in this Birmingham boutique litigation firm are all dedicated to helping injured victims – and their families — secure the justice and compensation they deserve under Alabama law and federal statute.  While many of the law firm’s clients hail from Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, the personal injury attorneys at Fischer, Goldasich & Aughtman, LLC also maintain an active practice throughout Alabama and the country with co-counseling relationships in over 40 states.

Fischer, Goldasich & Aughtman, LLC utilizes a team approach for each lawsuit to best serve its clientele

Within the firm, founders Erby Fischer, Dennis Goldasich and Jay Aughtman have established a method of approaching each injury case that utilities the unique skills and talents of each member of the firm.  At Fischer, Goldasich & Aughtman, clients benefit from this team approach to their personal injury case, which is a distinctively different approach than the one attorney – one lawsuit assignments of many personal injury firms across the country.   The track records of success that Fischer, Goldasich & Aughtman,  LLC has established serves to confirm the advantages of this team approach for the firm’s clientele.

Regardless of the type of case or the amount in controversy, whether the case involves business disputes, investment fraud, consumer issues, car crashes or truck accidents, medical malpractice or wrongful death, breach of contract or commercial torts, a team of legal experts work together as a  team at Fischer, Goldasich & Aughtman to formulate and tailor a strategic plan for each case the firm handles.

If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury or wrongful death, or your business enterprise has suffered harm due to the fault of another, then please feel free to contact the experienced trial attorneys at Fischer, Goldasich & Aughtman LLC to schedule a free, initial legal consolation.

Our top trial lawyers are dedicated to helping the injured find justice and the firm of Fischer, Goldasich & Aughtman, LLC stands ready to help you.  We can be reached locally at (205) 423-8504 or toll-free at (866) 557-8504.