What exactly is divorce mediation? Divorce Mediation is an alternative voluntary agreement process commonly used by married couples seeking to either separate or divorce. Divorce Mediation allows couples to make their own choices about dividing assets and other matters regarding their divorces. With the help of a professional divorce mediator or divorce lawyer Seattle, divorcing couples are able to arrive at a custom-made agreement for their family’s finances, estates and personal futures.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation offers two main benefits. First, it helps couples work through their issues in a less expensive, quicker and easier manner than going to court. The cost of divorce mediation is typically less expensive than going to court and paying attorney fees. This is especially true if the parties involved enter into the mediation program through a professional organization that helps their clients prepare and present a well-written, comprehensive divorce mediation plan.

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In addition to the ability to settle disputes quickly and easily through divorce mediation, there are a number of other advantages to this process. For example, during mediation both parties learn more about how their situation can be resolved and what will be required of them if a settlement is reached. There are many cases in which spouses have been married for years and, while they may have built a good relationship, deep emotional issues may still be present. By having this experience in mediation, the divorcing spouses become better able to communicate and work together to find the best solution for their individual needs. In many cases, this leads to a significantly faster and more affordable divorce resolution.

Another advantage to divorce mediation is that it saves the divorcing couple time and money. During a court proceeding, a judge may require the couple to be present physically and cannot take into consideration any other information that may affect the case. A mediator is free to look at all of the facts, gather information from both parties, and make a recommendation for the couple. He or she may also suggest an alternative to the parties in the divorce agreement, which can save time and money further down the road. In some cases, he or she will be able to negotiate on the behalf of the divorcing spouses and reach a settlement that both parties can agree upon.

Finally, although many mediators are not attorneys, they often know the laws and procedures that apply in your particular area and can therefore provide much needed support when it is time to go to court. Divorce mediation is usually much less costly than going to court, too. Because the parties cannot provide their own attorney, many mediators provide a consultation for very little or no cost. This means that the mediator can help his or her client obtain the desired results without having to invest money upfront.

If you are seeking a divorce, talk with your spouse about the possibility of seeking the help of a mediator. There are many benefits of divorce mediation tacoma, including your ability to get the fairest possible resolution without spending your own money on a legal battle. Your spouse may even agree to start the divorce proceedings by seeking the advice of a mediator because the sessions are less expensive than going to court. You will also have an opportunity to resolve any issues that have arisen since the marriage was finalized. Divorcedes may also find it easier to adjust to living away from one another once the divorce has been finalized.

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